Kangana Ranaut Controversy

Kangana Ranaut, one of the most successful stars of the Indian film industry earned the title of “Queen Of Bollywood” after her mesmerizing performance in Queen. Apart from her mind blowing performances, she is also known for her bold statements towards the film industry. Kangana is one of those film actresses who came out and spoke on topics like sexism, nepotism and pay parity that most of the female actors come across fearlessly. Due to her strong aggressive attitude she went on missing out on big projects but this too didn’t stop her from speaking out loud. Below mentioned our some of the most famous Kangana Ranaut controversial statements that are not to miss;

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Kangana Ranaut calls Alia Bhatt spineless

Alia Bhatt comment on Manikarnika saying it’s more of a Kangana Ranaut personal controversy statement didn’t go well with Kangana Ranaut for which she replied saying “she show grow some spine and support an important film about nationalism and women empowerment and got harsh with further statements by calling her a puppet of Karan Johar. Also said, that she doesn’t consider a successful actor as all her existence in the film industry is only because of Karan Johar. 

Upset with A-lister stars for not watching Manikarnika 

A-list actors disappointed Kangana Ranaut for not watching Manikarnika for which she lashed out saying “yeh meri kya madad karenge, yeh apne aapko he promote karle. I am 30 and have won 3-6 national awards and I don’t want to work with them” . She says it was about her bold statements about pay parity and nepotism which made bollywood stars show least interest in her movie “Manikarnika”. 

Nepotism exists everywhere and we have grown up seeing it says Kangana Ranaut 

Kangana Ranaut was one of the first actors who spoke about nepotism. While many actors rubbished the rumors of nepotism existing in the film industry, many actors did spoke about the instances where they felt nepotism is a major part of bollywood. 

Men keep young girls as mistress and wives as trophies, says Kangana Ranaut taking a dig at Hrithik Roshan

The me too movement brought out big names of industry who sexually harassed their employees and actresses. During which Kangana Ranaut supported the victims and said that it’s better to boycott those people instead of working with sexual assaults and further attacked Hrithik Roshan for the reasons known to all saying men makes fake promises to get into relationship and further added “Men keep young girls as mistress and wives as trophies” statement. 

Kangana’s open mouth behavior has made many people come out and share the tragic incidents that they have witnessed. She is one such powerful actress where no matter what her attitude is, she kept on raising and is continuing to shine with her awe-struck performances in movies.  

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