Best News Channel in the World

Nowadays, people will not have time for reading newspapers. Mostly they just read the headings without knowing the reason behind that heading. In this case, the news will describe when, who, where, why and what.  So, one of the fastest ways of getting is by switching the news channels to get the information. The Media of the news channel will work every hard by collecting all the news and present it in the form of videos. Also, news channels are known as the popular method of sharing or broadcasting information around the globe. Below is the best news channel in the world.

BBC News

BBC News - BBC News, 01/04/2020 GMT

The British Broadcasting Corporation channel was started in the year 1922 by John Reith and the oldest channel in the world. This channel has around 20 thousand members of staff and broadcasted in the whole world. So, this channel is very famous for providing the latest and fill information to the world. Also, they have their own websites and phone applications where users can get information from everywhere.

Fox News

It is a satellite and cable TV channel of America where the channel is owned by Fox Entertainment Group. This channel was launched in 1996 with having a picture quality 720p (HDTV) and even they have a slogan called a fair and balances. So, the channel will English as the primary language and broadcasters around the world. Also, the channel will broadcast in more than 40 countries.


CNN was started by Ted Turner in the year 1980 and owned by the Turner Broadcasting System. Even this channel has a slogan called Go There and broadcasts mainly in the United States and Canada. So, CNN is the first channel which provides non-stop 24-hour news and known as the best news channel in the world.

NDTV India

Take NDTV India off air on November 9 for Pathankot: I&B panel ...

This is the Hindi news channel of India where it was started in the year 2003 and New Delhi  Television Limited company owned this channel. So, this channel is the most trust news in India where many people will view this channel in their free time.  Even they have other channels of this company are NDTV 24*7, NDTV good times, NDTV worldwide and NDTV profit.

The above-mentioned news channels are the perfect ones to watch regarding information we want to know like what is happening around the world. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best news channel in the world. Thanks for reading!

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