Strong objections are being taken and resolutions are being moved in the EU Parliament in the opposition of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Om Birla Lok Sabha speaker conveyed to the head of European Union’s legislative body on Monday being inappropriate for a legislature to give judgement on any other country’s reform and the misuse of the practice can be vested. And is the latest breaking news in India.

European parliament also weighed in on the resolution and the ruling party of BJP and the Congress also took  a weigh on it after it. With the former questioning the objectivity of the members of EU Parliament and the latter party accusing the saffron party of internationalizing this issue.

And as per some of the diplomatic sources of the France government which is a founding member of European Union considered the new Citizenship law as an internal matter of India. With time European  Parliament set to have debate on resolutions against the citizenship act, the Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu also said on the topic that there is no scope for interference by international bodies in the internal matters of India and the country itself is very much capable of addressing its issues on its own.

Total of 600-lawmakers and 751-EU Parliament members worked upon the assertions and moved total six resolutions in the opposition of CAA, having point of view that the enactment of law got a dangerous shift in the India’s citizenship regime and is the latest breaking news in India for a long time.

India is facing massive protests against the new law under with the opposition parties, activists and civil rights groups having a point of view that presenting the citizenship law on the basis of religion is against the foundational principles of  Constitution. The CAA law got passed last month by the Parliament, is regarding offering citizenship to non-Muslim persecuted   religious minorities coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

But after all the things done by European Union there is still no reaction coming from the External Affairs ministry on the resolution against CAA in European Parliament.

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