iPage Hosting Review 2020

After being founded in 1998, iPage has hosted millions of websites around the world and is still hosting lots of websites. Along with that, they have been providing reliable service. They also have two data centers that are spread across the US. One of the best things about iPage is that they have an average uptime of 99.96% and along with they have an average load time of 746ms, which makes it one of the best web host providers.

Apart from that, they also provide quite a lot of freebies with their hosting plans and some of those are Free domain names for the first year, free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, and disk space. Well, let’s check them out in detail down below.

First of all, let’s check the pros and cons of iPage.

Pros and Cons of iPage Hosting:

Pros Cons
Overall great value  Absence of a YouTube channel 
Save and pass money with free Domain Registration Windows hosting unavailable
Let your site online easily with the start-up-friendly control panel

Benefits of iPage Hosting:

iPage comes with a lot of benefits and some of those have been mentioned below.

As there are quite a lot of Hosting providers around but what makes iPage so better than the other hosting providers? Well, here are a few reasons why you should go for iPage hosting. Why Should You Go for iPage Hosting:

Unlimited Storage:

iPage shared hosting plan comes with limitless disk space. Since most modern websites are packed with a lot of digital media files, this turns out to be a major benefit for the users. Many hosting companies have very tight restrictions. For cheap contracts, you may have only got a few GB to store all your files. For iPage, this is not the case. Many webmasters also can enjoy the advantages of limitless storage to make their site as informative as possible.

ipage hosting review

SSL Certificates:

For modern websites, SSL certificates are a must-have. The theft of identities have been rife over the last few years. Therefore, people expect some sort of security from their hosting providers for their sites. The reason behind that is the fact that the link between the server and the visitor device is authenticated by an SSL certificate. These days users are searching for SSL certificates and it’s a good thing that iPage lends a free SSL certificate along with its hosting plans.

Free Domain:

Unlike several other Web hosting services, for the first year, iPage provides a free domain name. This benefit is often included to attract new customers. iPage manages subscription costs in such a way that you do not have to pay any domain costs for the first year. Your shared hosting account also allows you to host unlimited domains and the registration cost is covered by iPage.

ipage hosting revire

iPage serves as a registrar and has more than 300 domain extensions from which you can choose a suitable one. After the first year is up, you’ll have to pay the maintenance costs. You will still need to pay the domain registration fee if you want to seek a refund during the warranty period.

Unlimited Bandwidth:

The iPage web hosting plan has limitless bandwidth, equivalent to disk space. Bandwidth refers to the data exchange between the servers and the computers that access your site. You need ample data to sustain the traffic. Otherwise, your visitors would encounter significant delays. The iPage has no strict bandwidth limits.

Easy Service Choices:

One of the best things about iPage is its simplicity. If you’re new to web hosting, sifting through the different plans provided by the big-name hosting companies can be very daunting. It is especially true for some of the other EIG owned labels. There is only one shared hosting package. It is ideal for most of the small businesses and Internet companies.

ipage review 2020

Well, these are some of the benefits of iPage. Apart from all these, there are other benefits of iPage as well. But the ones that have been mentioned here are said to be the best. So, hopefully, the provided information has been of help to you.

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