Airbnb reviews

A perfect online portal that offers the platform where we can book hotel rooms, lodge and also if we have any vacation plan on our mind. Airbnb was founded in San Francisco by Brian Chesky. They lend you the best support when you are planning for some vacation or stay at some exotic location. It has around two million listings worldwide. Airbnb has been in news for the better services and the best initiatives that they have taken so far.

The company is earning good profits but due to some reasons. Due to the some marketing reasons, the company decided to change its logo which actually led people to talk a lot about it and even led to many assumptions. The Airbnb management even invited the community members to suggest for good company marketing strategies. The company faced many problems but still it stood rock strong and did not lose hope and courage.

The rewards offered by Airbnb aren’t financial. The reformation has always helped in developing the firm’s identity and also rebuilds the image of the company if any such legal issues have had happened in the past. The new logo was designed by US based designing company Design Studio. They have had managed to provide some best travel packages to the customers so far.

Brand management is an important area in the world of business and marketing which you need to focus on always. Taking good care of your customers always help the company grow bigger and will help register its place in the minds of the customers.

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