Amazon Echo Reviews

The year’s smart speaker goes to Amazon Echo. Yes, for all the best features it possess and the fact that how customer friendly it is. Amazon has reinvigorated the Echo range which promises a better sound and also many upgraded features.

Talking about the build of this smart speaker, amazon has surely worked on this. It is cheap and the second generation Echo is completely fresh piece with a completely new design. The new Echo Plus looks similar to the old Echo though. The design of the amazon Echo apparently goes well with the atmosphere of an average room.

The fabric finish of the Echo gives it a more sophisticated feel and the best part about it is that you have the access to make choice among the colours provided to you. Those colours are charcoal, sandstone, heather grey, oak walnut or silver finish. The choice is yours!

Where the first piece had the volume buttons as dial buttons, but the new piece has a new design and the mute and set ups button still remain. There is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming option with this smart speaker. There is the amazing Dolby processing in the new models of Amazon Echo. There is a better processing requirement in these smart speakers though.

Amazon echo has the best microphone technology and has also improved its noise cancellation which makes it easy for you to hear your commands in noisy rooms.  The Alexa routines will allow you to control several Alexa devices with the help of a single command.  With the help of Alexa app, this work becomes even easier.

This is cheap and smart at the same time. It is purely better at following your commands. Amazon’s second generation Echo is the best choice if you are giving much priority to playing music and dance along.

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