Ways to Create a Folder in Google Docs

Before entering into google docs, you have google account, Gmail and you need to login into that account by providing username and password, after successful login, you can easily access google docs, google sheets, google drive and so on., Nowadays, google docs is helpful for so many people and people also make using that. It became an evolutionary way to access files, creating files, docs and so many usages you can get there. Google drives and docs are expanding their activities and they will allow to use with different users, only you need an internet to your PC. In this article will guide you how to create a folder in google docs.

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This article will give you best solution for making a folder in google docs and we will give extra information on google docs. If you’re a beginner and you are not ware of making a folder, we will guide you each and everything on this topic.

Steps for how to create a folder in google docs

  • Enter into google docs

This step is very important when you want to access any google docs, sheets and drive. Login with your Gmail account and you have to go on the top of right page and you can see more menu option icon and there you can find google docs, and you need to click on that icon, then you’re successfully enter the google docs. This may happen only when you have an google account.

  • Open or Create a blank document

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Here you need to open the document if you have any existing document or else create a fresh document and enter into that document. Then you can any perform any article creation or assessments in that document. After all creation of article, you need to save your document with any one of the folders.

  • Creation of Folder

This step teaches you how to make folder, after file saving, next step that you have to do is creation of folder, you can see on the top of the right, one feature called create new then right click on that, that will show folders and files. You have to choose make new folder, then you have to name that folder as your wish. For ex, practice folder or anything.  Then you can add color, description to that folder. 

Adding colour option, you can see on the right of the google docs page and also you can give description for that folder and next save. After all these three steps you’re successfully done with a making of folder. Once you done with a folder creation you can save your docs, sheets and google slides in that folder and you can see all in one pack and you don’t want to somewhere and searching for a single file or documents. All google documents are saved in google drive from there you can access that.

Well, to conclude that, these steps are the best for how to create a folder in google docs and we hopefully you got an information to do that. Thanks for reading our article.

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