Blocking websites is easy

To block certain websites online is a very common desire. This situation arises mainly in order to avoid certain distractions from hampering your work or productivity. The process of blocking a website is an easy and very effortless process. There can be many websites which you wish to completely block for many reasons. One of those reasons could be is to avoid botheration.

The process of blocking a website is simple and can be done easily without you facing any problem during the entire process. First of all you need to search for the “block site” chrome extension. After getting that extension, add it to the browser which you are using constantly. Another simple way is to visit the Google chrome and download the browser extension. The chrome web store is available with the block site extension which you can easily download.

After downloading, you will see “ADD EXTENSION” in a pop up box. Once you click on that, you will see that the window will be showing you all the features of the extension. This will completely give you information about how to deal with it. After this, ensure that the extension’s icon is on the top right had corner of the home screen. There will an orange shield with a circle and a diagonal line through the middle. This icon will appear on the right hand corner of your browser once it is installed and then you are ready to go.

Now it is the main step in the procedure. You can choose the website which you wish to permanently block. It is simple to do. Once open the website and click on that orange shield button the right top. This will permanently block the site. In case if you feel uncertain about the decision and wish to unblock the site, you can click on the icon and select “Edit your list”.

Blocking certain sites on chrome or any internet platform, will apparently help in increasing your self-productivity. Plus the process is also quite simple and you can get it done whenever you want to.

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